Are You Shortening Your Life? Avoid these habits to add years to your life!

A burger once a week? Skipping the gym when you

just don’t feel like it? We all do certain things sometimes and think they

can’t possibly be that bad for our health! What’s one little burger going to

do? You would be shocked to realize that many of our seemingly harmless habits

can be subtracting years from our lives! Read on to see what these habits are

so you can stop doing them and add years to your life!

1. You Make Bad Food Decisions

Most experts agree that a diet that is low in

refined carbohydrates (such as white bread and pasta) is the best kind of diet.

It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet full of greens and

proteins. The more of these healthy foods you eat the longer and healthier your

life will be.  Many studies show that a

Mediterranean diet (filled with healthy fats and vegetables) can add years to

your life. Start eating those vegetables and fruits to get your body and health

into shape!

2. You Gain a Few Extra Pounds

With aging comes a slower metabolism, which then

makes weight gain inevitable, so it is essential to alter our diet and exercise

habits as we age. Start eating small meals throughout that day to boost your

metabolism. Don’t let your body take control of you, take control over your

body. Having a healthy metabolism will help with the digestion of your foods

and lower health risks. Studies show that losing as little as 10% of your body

weight has numerous health benefits, so start with that goal!

3. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Not only does a lack of sleep mean you won’t be

looking your best come morning, but you could also be sluggish and have no

energy.  Not sleeping can lead to serious

health problems and lower your alertness levels. Without any energy and

alertness you could be depriving your body of making healthy eating choices and

lack of exercise. Plus, you could be putting the lives of others at risk due to

accidentally falling asleep behind the wheel.

4. You Avoid Exercise

If you are in good shape, then you may avoid

exercise thinking that you don’t need it. However, exercise has many different

benefits for your health – such as lowering the risk of heart disease,

improving cognitive health, and contributing to strong bones and muscles.

Exercising will give you energy for the day and build a more positive outlook

mentally due to the release of endorphins.

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