3 Tricks to Instantly Look Younger

Who doesn’t like to look younger than their true age? We all do! Though advertisements and television may make it seem like plastic surgery and extreme diets are the only way to take the years off and look trim – … Read more

4 Foods That Fight Breast Cancer

Some women may be at risk for breast cancer due to circumstances beyond their control– such as genetics, or family history. Others may be at risk because of their lifestyle choices, like smoking or lack of exercise. Recent studies have … Read more

5 Things Your Skin Is Trying to Tell You

Most health conditions translate to your skin. You know that if you get a sunburn, it means that you have been out in the sun too long. It’s a highly visible sign of sun damage. But there are other things … Read more

6 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Though we all want to stumble upon the magical fountain of youth so that we can live forever, there are more practical everyday things we can do to increase our lifespan. Try these easy strategies so that you can live … Read more

5 Common Misconceptions About Food and Dieting

Ever been on a diet and wondered why you are not achieving the results you were hoping for? Many of us have misconceptions when it comes to dieting and the nutritional value of certain foods. Sure, we all know a … Read more

Is Stress Aging You By The Decade?

Scientists say stress can make your face age by a DECADE. Stress sits alongside sun damage as one of the top culprits of aging skin. Here are 5 tips to reduce stress and maintain youthful skin! Meditate A few minutes … Read more

6 Ways to Fight Spider Veins

Spider veins – those bluish veins that start appearing on your legs as you age are dilated blood vessels that are caused by undue pressure. For most people, these veins are just unattractive nuisances, but for some, they can make … Read more

5 Foods That Will Detox Your Body

The word “detox” tends to freak us out, because we imagine a diet of nothing but liquids that will leave us hungry and cranky most of the time. Even worse, only 20% of people on typical kinds of detox diets … Read more

5 Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s

We all want to live a long life, and we want to remember that we’ve been living a long life. Unfortunately, for ½ of the American population, this is an unattainable privilege, as they will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s by … Read more

Age Defying Makeup Tricks

Could your makeup be aging you? Many of us haven’t given a thought to our make-up routine since our 20’s. If you’re still sporting fuchsia lipstick and heavy eyeliner you could unintentionally be making yourself look considerably older. It’s time … Read more

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