The Secrets to Firmer Skin

As our age progresses, our skin becomes saggy and wrinkles appear. Hopeless, women and men are left searching endlessly for articles on how to firm skin, or methods to achieve firm skin. Many products are excellent for treating wrinkles and … Read more

Common Foods Linked To Causing Cancer

When you’re eating french fries and sipping on your soda during lunch, you’re not thinking of cancer. You may be shocked to find out, however, that consuming these foods may increase your risk of cancer. Studies reveal that a chemical … Read more

7 Benefits of Water

Whether it’s youthful skin, shiny hair, or a healthier body you’re striving for, you can find your answer in water! Our brain, blood, and muscles are made of over 75% water, so it’s vital that we drink enough of it … Read more

Harmful Skin Care Ingredients Revealed

In our fast paced lifestyles we often pay little attention to the quality and ingredients of our hygiene products. But there are some harmful skin care ingredients in some cosmetic products that are starting to cause concern. Ingredients like butylparaben … Read more

Treating Inflamed Skin

Whether it’s the harsh winter winds, the intense summer heat, or even the midst of allergy season, inflammation may affect your skin and cause big problems if left untreated. Inflammation – the red, puffy patches of skin can be itchy, … Read more

Gaining Confidence for Better Skincare

We all know how it feels to worry or stress over a situation that we feel is beyond our control. Back in school, a big test or even the mere thought of approaching the opposite sex was enough to cause … Read more

Is Dry Skin Getting The Best Of You?

Do you find your skin constantly getting dehydrated during the day? The answer to your dry skin may be as easy as a quick spritz from a spray bottle. “Misting” is particularly hot right now in the skincare world because … Read more

Skincare While Sleeping?

Have you ever heard an artist say something is “stifling their creativity”? What would you do if you found out your sleeping habits were stifling the way your wrinkle treatments and diets performed? The answer is obvious, make the most … Read more

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