How Antioxidants Will Save Your Skin

We’ve all seen fresh foods go rotten over time. This happens because of a process called oxidation. Amazingly, this is the same process that occurs to the human body over the span of one’s life.

Wrinkles, disease, cancer, and other symptoms of oxidation are seen every day. This happens as free radicals are released from our cell’s reaction to oxidation. Now oxidation is crucial for life, however it is insufficient levels of antioxidants or inhibition of antioxidant enzymes which cause oxidative stress that damages and can kill cells.

Some of these ailments are quickened by the exposure to external free radicals we all face. Free radicals such as polluted air like smoke, the UV rays from the sun, water supplies with heavy metals, and many, many other by-products of human intervention.

The Power of antioxidants

Fortunately for us, we have discovered ways to fight the process of oxidation using antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules which remove free radical intermediates and inhibit other oxidation reactions. The importance of antioxidants is vast, as they strengthen the immune system and slow the effects of aging.

Found in supplements and foods, antioxidants such as vitamin C, uric acid, carotenes, and many others will help keep your skin, hair, nail, and blood cells protected and healthy. This will result in smoother, healthier skin and organs which will prevent disease and sickness. There are many supplements on the market today, and many sources of great antioxidants found in food which will benefit your body. The trick is finding the most effective multi-vitamins and foods to consistently ingest on a daily basis.


For direct antioxidants I would recommend vitamin C powder, selenium, resveratrol capsules, and ubiquinol supplements. Visiting your local vitamin shop should provide the products and information you need to get the most efficient antioxidants for your diet.

As for natural foods which contain high amounts of antioxidants; fruits, nuts and vegetables are your best bet. Red bell peppers are optimal, also blueberries, garlic, apples, broccoli, and walnuts will deliver an enormous amount of antioxidants which will help fight those free radicals.

It is up to you to take care of your precious body and mind. With the modernized world, there are more threats to our health than ever. Luckily with the knowledge we now have, it is also easier than ever before to brilliantly conquer the harmful effects of oxidation.

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