Love Your Skin…Love Yourself!

Did you know our body’s largest organ is the skin? It’s also where the first signs of aging appear. Yet, for many people, both men and women, it’s the one organ paid least attention to, and the one that deserves so much more. The first thing we see when we meet someone is their skin. It covers our entire body and reveals so much about ourselves; not just our physicality, but how we feel about ourselves. Our skin is the window into our self-worth and self-esteem.

The first organ to begin to show its age is our skin. Growing old gracefully for both sexes requires diligent skin care. How we tend to our skin will determine how we look and feel. The common denominator in skin and aging is self-esteem. Our skin, not unlike our eyes, communicates to others. It reflects the way we feel about ourselves. It’s certainly not the only thing that matters. Who we are, how we relate to others and how we live our lives matters most, but I have found that those individuals who have a good self-image and have a sense of self-worth pay attention to their appearance as well as their personal development and spiritual growth. There seems to be a connection in how we look, feel and see ourselves. Giving our appearance more attention than our soulful content is no better than just enhancing our spirituality and neglecting our physical importance. It takes time and attention to nurture both our minds and our bodies to feel a sense of well-being, confidence and security.

If we want to live a long life, we have to grow old. Aging is a state of mind. How we see ourselves and how we live our lives, can determine the quality of life we have. None of us are getting off the planet alive. There are things we can do to enhance our lives, look better, be healthier and live longer. Choosing how we care for ourselves can make a difference in our health and welfare. We know that 75-80% of all disease is caused by stress and poor nutrition. Part of good skin care is dependent on how we manage our stress and diet. Proper exercise, plenty of rest and sleep, relaxation and meditation, and enjoying our work life enhance our mental and physical well- being. Limiting alcohol, having a quality leisure life, such as hobbies, entertainment and activities, creating and maintaining loving relationships and having a positive attitude all contribute to our state of being. None are mutually exclusive. The life style we had when we were young cannot be maintained as our bodies age. We have to be vigilant with our emotional well-being as well as our physical well-being. They are one! Balance is the key!

We can’t control time and aging. It’s inexorable, but we can control how we take care of ourselves. Protecting our skin from the sun, using sun screen, moisturizers and quality cosmetic care will promote better skin care and delay the signs of aging to prevent the most common tell-tale signs such as aging spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and discoloration. To sustain a youthful complexion and always look your best, skin care is a priority. For a garden to thrive, it needs the right amount of watering, sun and shade, nutrients and care. Without this effort, it will wilt and die. The same is true for our skin. Treat it right and it will respond positively to your efforts.

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