Suppress Your Food Cravings… Forever

Ever find yourself dreaming about chocolate or potato chips late at night, and creeping into the kitchen to get your fix? As it turns out, there’s science behind your urges! Studies show that people that have low levels of the feel-good hormone dopamine have a tendency to crave and binge on junk food. So how can you get your dopamine levels up? Research shows that you need to consume foods that contain tyrosine—an amino acid that helps produce dopamine. Read on to find out which healthy foods you can incorporate into your diet to beat those cravings… for good!

Fava Beans

Try them in a salad, or help yourself to a bigger portion as a side dish. Fava beans are a great alternative to more starchy sides (such as rice or bread) for weight loss.


A low calorie option to give you your dopamine dose is a steamed, lean piece of chicken breast.

Ricotta Cheese

You may think that cheese is unhealthy and will lead to weight gain, but a little bit of ricotta spread on whole wheat toast is a great option for a dopamine boosted breakfast.


A cup of oatmeal topped with blueberries makes a filling, tyrosine packed snack or breakfast. You can even sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top for an extra kick!


Typically a lean protein option for a meal, shellfish also have the added benefit of high tyrosine levels that will kick your dopamine production up a notch! Try clams steamed or baked and drizzled with a bit of heart healthy olive oil.

Though it’s hard to fight those late night cravings for something sweet (or salty!) you can decrease the cravings by implementing tyrosine into you diet. Not only will you be happier because of the dopamine levels in your body, you’ll also be keeping extra pounds at bay!

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