Treating Inflamed Skin

Whether it’s the harsh winter winds, the intense summer heat, or even the midst of allergy season, inflammation may affect your skin and cause big problems if left untreated.

Inflammation – the red, puffy patches of skin can be itchy, painful, and just plain uncomfortable. Most cases are caused by dry skin, and without proper hydration, accelerated aging may become a threat.

The type of skin you have and the kind of inflammation you’re encountering will determine the best treatment. Keep in mind, redness of the skin alone isn’t any reason to worry, however if you also experience a fever or other signs of sickness, you should contact your physician immediately.

Cleanse the Affected Area

After gently dampening the skin with a few minutes of cool compresses, apply your favorite over the counter hypoallergenic cleanser. This cleanser should be lightweight, hydrating, and without any possible irritants. We recommend using our pH Balanced Cleanser which contains green tea, cucumber, chamomile, and plenty of other soothing ingredients to leave your skin feeling cool, refreshed, and relaxed. Repeat this step once in the morning and evening.


Now that your skin is thoroughly cleansed, bring its hydration level up a notch with a nice moisturizing cream. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid each have incredible hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties, so you may want to gravitate toward a product containing them. While cleansing the skin twice each day is recommended, moisturizing should be a three times a day deal – especially during times of inflammation.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

This should always be on your mind if you are anti-aging conscious. Eating too much sugar and salt, or drinking too much alcohol will not only inflame your insides, but also your skin. Every now and then is okay, but indulging in these treats too much will cause uncontrollable free radical damage. Instead, try to incorporate more spicy foods such as curry or ginger; hotter cuisines have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties.

Stay Out Of the Sun

Well not entirely – the sun has amazing benefits for the body, but during a period where your skin is easily inflamed, it’s best to stay away from direct sunlight. If exposed too long, your skin may become further dehydrated and irritated. Limiting your exposure would be wise.

We hope you enjoy our weekly skincare tips from LifeCell. If you have any comment or suggestions regarding any of the info we email, please never hesitate to contact us at any time. We value all of our customer feedback so please do not be shy to respond.

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